Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Tour of Fall on UNL Campus

Here are some pics of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln campus on a chilly, blustery, about-to-be-cloudy late fall morning. Yes, that was a long sentence. English profs have that kind of power.

In the Sheldon Gallery sculpture garden

Crabapple marbles and leaf jacks?


The sculpture through the trees I call "The Flat Canoe"

Roxy Paine's tree outside my office window


Unknown said...

Gorgeous... I love Roxy Paine's tree the best, I think. (Well, maybe after your "crap apple marbles and leaf jacks"... that made me grin.)

Did we know you were a professor now? If so, I think I missed that... congrats! :)

Les said...

Is that last shot of a Silver Maple?

James Golden said...

ha ha ha ha (laughing at Les' joke)

That silver maple is something!

Benjamin Vogt said...

Y'all are a riot. Bring out the tear gas.
Kim--Did I say crapapple? Where? Argh. I'm not a prof, yet. Applying for prof jobs. Just a lecturer at UNL still as my wife works on her PhD.
Les--Har har har. Why yes, indeed it is a silver maple. They are native to Lincoln and can only grow on the UNL campus. Something about the corny soil.
James--You should see it in the spring. :)

Unknown said...

Great shots of your campus. You are lucky to have such a cool view out your window!

Benjamin Vogt said...

Michal--I'm lucky to have a window! Haven't had one in 5 years!

Diana Studer said...

It took you five years to earn a window? They make people spend their working day without a window? That is just plain cruel!

Susan Tomlinson said...

A canoe? Did I hear someone say canoe?

Beautiful. Especially the "canoe," which I can barely see in your photo, but know in my heart to be lovely.

Corner Gardener Sue said...

Hi Benjamin,
I'm typing through my giggles after reading your comments. It was fun seeing photos of places I've been before. I haven't been there for awhile, though, and don't remember if I've seen the canoe.

Oh, I was there for the Special Olympics this summer. I went to see some of the events. It was fun and exciting.

I've gotten way behind on your blog. I want to go find your butterfly posts. I ended up not seeing as many monarchs in the fall as I did last year, but the regulars were here awhile.

Benjamin Vogt said...

EE--Most lecturers and TAs get the inner ring of offices, not all, but most. I know one office that is the size of my closet and two people are in it.
Susan--A pacake canoe. Wish mine were here with me, and that I had a place to canoe on with it.
Sue--I saw a monarch yesterday at UNL feeding on sedum. Crazy! Someday, a post on raising my 200 monarchs will ensue.