Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Talking Plants, Live

As part of Finke Garden's 2012 opening, I'll be giving a talk on some local prairie plants that work for me, and maybe doing a little reading / signing of my garden memoir Sleep, Creep, Leap. There will be art and poetry, too, as well as plants to buy and a NE guide to wildflowers book. For the full list of events, click on the link below.

Our Lives With Nebraska Wildflowers
Finke Gardens
500 N. 66th St. 
Lincoln, NE
Thursday, March 22

And in case you don't stalk me, here's my pictorial spread (ooolala) on Fine Gardening's blog.

Also have a guest post / story up for Timber Press about being on a garden tour last year.


greggo said...

Well done. Enjoyed your articles and photos.

Corner Gardener Sue said...

Did you have plants to sell? If so, I wish I would have stayed. Finkes only had some herbs and indoor plants. I went around 5, and was told it is too early for the natives, and they won't have any of them until April. I was surprised, because I have been doing some dividing, and things are doing quite well.

I ended up not staying very long. I couldn't afford the other books that they were selling, but they looked good.

Benjamin Vogt said...

Thanks Greggoooooo!

Sue, they probably grow from seed, and the early spring caught them off guard--that's my guess. I get the impression Campbells imports a lot of there stuff, but don't know. Yes, I need to do some major dividing! Need / want a bigger garden, could start another one with all these runners.