Saturday, September 8, 2007

Definitely Hotter

1/2 of global coral gone by 2030.

Polar bears gone by 2050.

75% of U.S. and Canada glaciers gone, all gone by 2050.

Arctic dumps 10 trillion gallons of water each year, and is 20% less thick than 40 years ago.

Let's fix it by:

1) Blast sulfates into atmosphere to mimic cooling effect of global volcanos: we'd use jet engines, balloons, and artillery. But this wouldn't clean up CO2.

2) Launch 16 trillion refracting discs into orbit to act as sun umbrellas. That's 20 million launches over next 30 years at a cost of $4 trillion. Still have CO2 (not to mention methane).

3) Use large artifical trees to collect CO2 from wind. Each can filter 6.6lbs of CO2 per second. Deal is it's sorta expensive and could leak a lot into ground.

4) Dump iron ore dust into oceans to create large algae blooms to absorb CO2. 1 ton ore dust = 100,000 tons of CO2 gone. Could change sea temps drastically though and kill lots of fish or something.

5) Sequestration methods like pumping CO2 deep into ocean so it freezes and sinks. Or store underground in rock caves. Or pump into coal seams too deep to mine and produce natural gas, theoretically.

6) Plant a crap load of trees. They do it cheap, and they look nifty. 10 = one car's annual pollution, 20 = a big truck's.

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