Monday, September 3, 2007

Minnesota Grown

Labor day weekend was up north, you betchya. Made a bust trip to Ikea (you'd think WANTING to be a good consumer would be enough, but alas, Ikea again did not tempt us enough). Hung a picture. Enjoyed wonderful green beans from a farmstand down the road. Wow. Saw most of the extended family. Got someone to play badminton with me (shuttlec**k). Took some photos of the new(er) homestead (see below). Think I impressed my 17 year old sister with my soccer skills--namely, being able to dodge her kicks that were clocked at 80mph.

Got pulled over 1 hour north of Des Moines by an IA trooper for going 76 in a 70--give me a freaking break--but I think he was more worried with the dark tint on my windows (which came with the car from the previous owner); he said they were illegal in IA, but in NE it's ok. So, next time I get to the state line I should acid wash my windows to remove the tint? Then I won't get pulled over? He said he couldn't see our heads from behind. That's the point. And we could've had guns when he walked up to the car and he'd never know. English grad students with firearms? Not until I defend the diss, only then can I party like a true Husker (see annual July 4th display of weaponry as example).

We had a nice conversation in his cruiser about where I was this weekend, who was in the car with me (I have NO idea sir, I just picked her up at the truck stop when she bought me a Milky Way), what I did in Lincoln (I said I worked at UNL and left it at that), then I signed his fancy computer screen and got a warning. A ticket would've been $106. They're harsh over their in Costner land.

If anyone can tell me what this giant hummingbird-sized moth is I saw up north lemme know.

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James said...

It's a. . . wait for it. . . Hummingbird Moth.