Sunday, September 23, 2007

Definition of "Muddle"

I planted over 100 dealioes in July and August--hardly prime time, I know. Still, I expect more. I'm left with hope only (darn gardening gene).

The Tiger Eyes sumac I purchased a few weeks back wasn't yellow--I figured it was because the nursery had it in an area that received part sun. It hasn't yellowed here, instead, it's embracing fall (sure, with brilliant red and orange, but this depresses me).

The geranium. Yesterday, it's got leaves. Today--can you see any? Rabbits?
At least the aster and plumbago took. But it might as well be winter. I need next spring now! I need full garden year #1.
Note to anyone reading--Blogger blows! How can I edit my text like I could a week ago so it doesn't appear stupid like? I've spent an hour pissed off.

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