Friday, September 7, 2007

Echo Criticism

It's Eco, eeeeee-cho. Everytime someone says "echo criticism" I want to whisper in the room, somewhat loud like, "ticism, cism, cism, cism, cism."

Anywho, I'm a jerk. Always have been, always will be.

Attended the Scott Slovic talk today at UNL. Not too impressed, left early. Not Mr. Slovic's fault, I admire who he is and appreciate--greatly--what he's done, and was THRILLED to have someone like him here, in Nebraska, in front of some fancy new flat screen tv (and yet my office is not air conditioned, where I meet paying customers, er, students). Slovic seems like a very intersting guy if one could talk TO him, and he did reject an essay of mine once so he can't be all bad. But the format was not... good. I could care LESS about what other people in the room are doing or even who they are or what time they read and where they read, particularly when SCOTT SLOVIC is in the room. I want to know what HE'S all about. It made a person want to make a fleet of paper airplanes and let them fly. C'est tout.

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