Saturday, September 29, 2007

I'd Rather Eat My Worst Enemy's Feces...

...than publish your writing.

I sent out a LARGE batch of writing to literary journals early this month (poems and essays), just after labor day, as every good writer does. Already this month: 7, SEVEN, seven rejections--2 today, Southern Review and Indiana Review. Throw down, throw down journals. That is cold-heartedly fast. It's like they open my sub, read the first word, sneeze, close the SASE and toss it into the outgoing mail.

Why do I bother? Seriously? I get nothing out of this pain. Drugs would be more productive.

And EVERY year? All year long I do this? I haven't had a piece of writing accepted in a year, and quality pubs don't even ignore me. They do worse.

I'm either writing AWFUL like, or am not writing the same crap everyone else writes. Some days I wish I worked in a cubicle doing data entry just to get this wasted life flushed down the toilet faster. Indeed, tis a pitty parade today. Go to someone else's blog would ya?


christopher higgs said...

If it makes you feel any better, I got four rejections in one day, last Thursday, and on one of the slips the editor took the time to write: "Sorry, I don't get this piece at all."

Benjamin Vogt said...

Sheesh Chris, I can't believe an editor would go to the effort of writing a negative comment. That's just amazing. Sorry.