Saturday, September 22, 2007

Get the Kids to Xeriscape

Just discovered this maybe-interesting book...

...via this piece on gardening and global warming...

...which should make you read her other bit here:

Because though this is my first year with a full-fledged garden of my own, my other smaller plots and history working FOR my mother show me things are seriously STRANGE. Especially this year in NE, where flowering trees started blooming, froze, and bloomed nevermore.

And frankly, I don't remember a summer where it gets to 100, is so muggy so often, and one month is bone dry, and the next you swear you'll see Noah steering his boat down the street screaming "hop on, y'all, quick like."

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Xeriscaping said...

Nice idea, teaching them earlier do makes sense, well it's for their sake at all, if they can learn it, they will appreciate how important water is.