Monday, September 24, 2007

Good Fortune

I was walking out back on the grass in flip flops or whatever the kids call them these days. When along came a spider. A wolf spider (I do believe--I'm learning). How'd I know there was a spider? It walked across my toes. After doing some research, I read (and saw) some nasty images of what their venom can do to your skin, and what they can do to cats who sneak outside behind you (so thankful the cat went the other direction as me). After finishing my photo shoot from a moderate distance, I backed into ANOTHER wolf. At which point I felt outmatched and outwitted so I jumped my way inside.
And in other news, grasshoppers were giving each other piggyback rides. And further down, I'm thrilled to have Helianthus Lemon Queen to brighten my Septembers from now on.

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