Tuesday, November 22, 2016

The Long Fall of Writing & Gardening

I just wrote 40,000 words in one month, and am now taking a bit of a break from the book to gather my wits about me and to process the hardest step of writing -- editing, which is always the real writing. During this time I've been fortunate, or doomed, to have a long, warm fall to enjoy after my intense mornings of writing (some days I'd write 3,000-5,000 words before lunch). I've planted hundreds of plugs around our quarter acre lot, continuing to increase and beef up the total plant areas to some 2/3 of the property. We had such stunning sunlight in the new and old gardens -- something you can see from the images shared on Instagram. 

1 month after peak migration the only food on my street are these asters
Baptisia australis minor
My indoor buddy getting a rare treat
Mountain mint
The new meadow frosted one morning
New England asters near sunset
Sunset in the oldest of the gardens