Garden Design & Speaking

monarchgard.comFocusing on native plants, sustainability, as well as organic and low maintenance design, I'll work with you on every detail to ensure you're in control of the garden-making process. Especially tailored to the DIY gardener at any level, I'll provide you detailed design plans with full measurements and plant images, including how-to information that ensure artistry, wildlife habitat, and seasonal interest in your new self-sustaining landscape. Additional services include commercial / landscape architect consulting, garden layout and site management, as well as general garden coaching. My goal is to empower you to garden smarter -- for wildlife, for the environment, and for yourself.

"Hired to design and implement native landscaping for front and back yards. Benjamin is very knowledgeable, gracious, communicative, and thoughtful. His enthusiasm for a challenge is reassuring." -- Nancy, Omaha


I speak nationally on the ethics of native plant gardens, landscape design, wildlife gardening, and much more. Link here for my speaking schedule and topics."I liked how he connected what we do in our gardens to the overall health of our ecosystem. He provided facts I hadn't heard before and I walked away from the presentation inspired to make changes." "Vogt did an outstanding job bridging practical gardening with the philosophy behind why we need native plants in our landscapes. He had great photos, statistics, and personal stories." "He was knowledgeable, honest, unafraid of conflict, and used a very conversational tone."
-- Millersville Native Plants in the Landscape Conference attendees