Sunday, September 14, 2008

Monarchs, Monarchs, Monarchs

Come and get yer chrysalides, pupae, cats, eggs, and tachnid fly maggots. Get your monarch on, yo.

We've given birth to 3 males and one female, and at least four maggots. Come aboard, we're expecting you.... (You DID make a reservation, didn't you?)

The first six shots below show three fellows, two who've made it. Watch as one is in the "J", the other emerges and while still unfurling his wings, the "J" becomes a chrysalis. (Then we have tachnid fly maggot pics, and today's emergence of our first female (outside) and beneath the deck--look at her disproportionate wing / abdomen size only seconds after emerging.)

I love it when cats share a leaf. It's like those two cartoon dogs sharing spaghetti. Disney has ruined me. That's the best simile I could come up with?


Mary Beth said...

What great shots of both your catapillars and monarchs. I didn't realize the crysallis became so transluscent before the butterfly emerges. I'm really enjoying your blog - so glad to have found it!

Benjamin Vogt said...

Thanks, Mary Beth. The chrysalis looks liuke stained glass, doesn't it? Two of our final 4 came out today, 10/11, and I expect the last two tomorrow. Then the it's windy and 55 Monday--they can't fly below 50, so just in time!