Sunday, October 12, 2008

Video of Monarch Coming Out Party

The last two monarchs came out this afternoon, both male. 11 days ago they formed chrysalides within 2 hours of each other, and today emerged about 30 minutes apart. Yesterday two females emerged who also went on the same day 11 days before that, again, within hours of each other going in and coming out. Our 2 dozen or so monarchs mostly emerged at 11 days, a few at 10--very dependable.

I apologize for the grainy, shakey video--don't watch if you're feeling a bit tipsy. I wasn't ready, and so I only had my digital camera at hand, not video camera.

Such a sad day. The last of the monarchs are off. The weather forecast calls for a 20-25 degree drop in temps for tomorrow down to 55ish, with rain and 20mph north winds. With today's gusts to 40, many of the trees are now bare. I had no idea trees were turning, but that's Nebraska, brown and done, sometimes even green and done.

Goodbye summer. I am deserted, suddenly. (I wish I was desserted with my mom's chocolate pie, or chocolate velvet cake--hear that, mom? When you visit this week bring dessert!)


Mary Beth said...

Great videos (the up-and-down movement just made me feel like I was there). I guess it's your monarchs that will head to Mexico for the winter and then to start the cycle all over again.

Anonymous said...

Chocolate would totally make it better. I hope your Mom delivers. I feel your pain. I am not a winter person at all.

Shady Gardener said...

What a wonderful, wonderful event you (and we!) witnessed! I've done many segments of this process over the years, from feeding the caterpillars to having them make their chrysalis, to releasing them... but somehow, I've always managed to miss the emergence! So, Thank You so very much!! :-)

Anonymous said...

Very cool.

Benjamin Vogt said...

MB--I hope they make it to Mexico! I wish these were the ones that came back, that'd be neat.
K--She brought my favorite brownies!
SG--It was VERY quick, that's for sure. There're better vids on youtube.
P--Merci buckets.

Kylee Baumle said...

Ben, thank you especially for that first video. I managed to miss the drop out of the chrysalis casing of Little Miss Monarch, although I saw it just as she cleared it. Tomorrow is the day when we try another release so she can get on her way to Mexico, hopefully!

Isn't this just the most wonderful thing to witness?