Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Fall = 63 / 13

63 today, 13 tomorrow night. I'm not even sure what day, month, year it is anyway, and Nebraska goes and does this to me. It's fall, see:

'Golden Spirit' smokebush is a rainbow of color.

Amsonia, surrounding the still young 'Black Lace' elderberry.

'Brilliantissima' red chokeberry is quite red, and the berries are still there.

'Little Henry' itea looks much like its slightly bigger brother 'Garnet.'

Weeping bald cypress making me weep.

For some reason this just dead morning glory from a few weeks ago makes me think victorian. Or gothic. Or grandmotherly.


IlonaGarden said...

I vote Gothic for the morning glory. very nice autumn color in your yard :)
I now regret not buying Black Lace- maybe next season ?!

Unknown said...

If it were dark purple, I'd say gothic... but with pink? Grandmotherly!

Oh, hey, by the way, does your itea have a noticeable fragrance when it blooms? I'm looking for something to plant on the north side of my porch (which does get a little sun, but not much) and since I'll rarely see it (driveway is on the left) I want something I can smell... was trying to decide between itea and clethra.