Sunday, July 19, 2009

Insects Won't Touch Non Natives This Year

I've been amazed to see that my four large butterfly bushes haven't had one butterfly, bee, wasp, fly or anything else on them to date. I'm sure that'll change this fall, though. Or not?

The coneflowers, culver's root, eupatorium, liatris, milkweed, thistle, ironweed, well these are absolutely plastered with insects (nota bene, milkweed + liatris = monarch mania). This makes me feel good--even the insects seem to be discerning in their plant selection, just as I've been. It's paying off! Party at my house! Right now. Seriously. Come over. I just set up my cold beer tap. We can play with my styrofoam airplane out back, too. (Not a euphemism.)

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