Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Twisty Ghost Sucks Out Girl's Brain, and Other Figures in Ice

I'm starting a new art series based on my winter rain chain. I've titled each piece to evoke what I see in the image--what you see may be different, and as a result, incorrect / less valid / quite pedestrian. Not my fault. If the image titles sound like newspaper column titles--or popular songs from the 1960s--it's because I'm also starting a new series of newspaper columns (or popular songs from the 60s), which I hope will turn into a 5,000 page novel composed of said columns (or songs), interlinked by scratch and sniff word find puzzles. I'm hoping Norton will take it. Are you buying any of this? As always, click on photos to expand.

Twisty Ghost Sucks Out Girl's Brain

E.T. Phone Swan

Recline the Headless Dragon Cat

Polar Bear Lizard Plays With Stalactites

Worm Da Baby Bird

Go Go Gadget Bottle Opener Hand


Randy Emmitt said...

Very creative posting. Always wanted a good rain chain set up, too broke to think about it at this time..

Rob (ourfrenchgarden) said...

Lay off the sauce.

No matter how hard I squint, I'm just not getting 'Twisty Ghost Sucks Out Girl's Brain'.

A bloody good thaw should remedy your malaise.

I'm off to talk to the trees

chin, chin

WiseAcre said...

Cool pics. I like the how the ice plays with color and light. Glad you put up the larger images but I still can't see what you do.

Hallucinations are a sign of an advanced case of Cabin Fever.

Benjamin Vogt said...

Randy--I think I got my chain for $50 on Ebay....
Rob--I like my sauce! Mr. Miur talked to trees.
WA--Hallucinations are a sign of teaching underclassmen.

Unknown said...

Dammit. Now I REALLY need a rain chain--pretty, environmentally friendly AND hours of creative winter fun? Sweet!

Benjamin Vogt said...

Yes, Kim, the coppe rain chain is calling out to you, calling, calling...

Livia said...

I love rain chains! Very cool pictures.