Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Robert Bly Rocks Me

Been editing the memoir, and still love coming across this quote which begins part 2 of the book:

"There is an old occult saying: whoever wants to see the invisible has to penetrate more deeply into the visible. All through Taoist thought, there is the idea that our disasters come from letting nothing live for itself, from the longing we have to pull everything, even friends, in to ourselves and let nothing alone. If we examine a pine carefully, we see how independent it is of us. When we first sense that a pine tree really doesn’t need us, that it has a physical life and a moral life and a spiritual life that is complete without us, we feel alienated and depressed. The second time we feel it, we feel joyful."

— Robert Bly, The Morning Glory

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Ellada said...

It is very beautiful.