Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A Study in Sunflowers

These pics should warm me up--forecast is for 35 tomorrow night with potential frost... a good 2 weeks ahead of schedule. I had a nightmare a week ago that the asters were covered in snow. If it comes true I'll just have to put space heaters in the garden. And I bet you think I'm kidding.

As always clicking on the pics and expanding them may be a treat. Look for Waldo while you're at it.


Bee's Knees








Female monarch on stiff goldenrod


Victoria Summerley said...

Beautiful pictures, Benjamin. You're always one of the first of my blogging friends to flag up the approach of winter. I hope you're able to enjoy your garden for a little bit longer - it looks so gorgeous.

Ginny said...

My goodness - so cold already! I was telling my husband tonight how much I love living where we do - where the winters aren't too long and the summers aren't too hot.
Beautiful photos of the sunflowers and the monarch!

Gaia Gardener: said...

Such fun photos! I think "Bees Knees" and "Sunrise" are my favorites.

I can't believe you guys are due to be down to 35 already. Yikes. I sure hope it doesn't get down quite that low; I'm ready for summer to end, but not for winter to begin!

Benjamin Vogt said...

Victoria--I'm one of the first? My apologies. It's WAY too early this year. But then again, Halloween candy has been on the shelves for 1.5 months already.
Ginny--I like the Plains, even if it's 100 in July and -20 in January. But this is nuts.
Gaia--Summer was really bad for a month this year, more by you I'm sure. I have a feeling winter will be long, not bad, just long.

Randy Emmitt said...


Hard to believe frost already. Enjoyed these photos. If I sent you our rain it would help a lick, the ground is rock hard here, 2 weeks ago we got 5 inches, first rain over 1/4 inch since June.

Les said...

I first enjoyed these on your flickr page. I am glad you are sharing on your blog so more people see them, they are very nice.

I am writing this in un-airconditioned coolnes, we turned it off yesterday as it got down to 60 last night. I don't know if the weather will stick around, but we will enjoy the change for now.

Benjamin Vogt said...

Randy--We're dry again, bit no frost. It's been about 55 and cloudy for 3-4 days now and I'm sick of it! Should be 78.
Les--My wife said to me "boy, those looked professional." Maybe I'm getting better, almost as good as you? And I've refused to turn the heat on here even though we're freezing.

Unknown said...

Confession: I just stole "Sunrise" to use it as my home computer wallpaper. I will delete it immediately if you want, but I like to put up a current picture that inspires me every couple of weeks--basically, whenever something new catches my eye.

Your wife is right... your photos are getting to look more and more professional. Love them. :)

Benjamin Vogt said...

Kim--Usurper! Usurper! If I find that image on a billboard, watch out. Otherwise, whatever. My wife thinks it needs to be on a Zazzle tote bag or coffee mug. Glad you enjoyed it! Twas a nice morning for pics.

Unknown said...

Ha! No need to worry about finding it anywhere else via little ole me... I just use photos as wallpapers for my own personal enjoyment.

That said, I think your wife's idea of using it on a mug is brilliant. How could someone NOT have a great day when they start it off with that sunrise sunflower on the outside of a mug, and a great cup of tea or coffee on the inside?

Marguerite said...

Great pictures of the sunflowers. They sure are photogenic aren't they? We're starting to experience cold temps here too in the far north (Canada, although we're in southern Canada so we're lucky?), the beginning of the end...

Benjamin Vogt said...

M--It was just perfect sunlight that morning, and with most photography, you have to get lucky with time, place, events, etc. I prefer to think of the end as the beginning of the beginning--time is cyclical, and thus eternal.

Corner Gardener Sue said...

Awesome photos! It's always a treat to see insects enjoying the blooms. The sunflowers on the one plant I have were all stolen by squirrels. I had hoped they would not be attracted to the teddy bear ones, but it didn't seem to matter to them. They are on the Mexican sunflowers, too, but that plant is bushy enough that it seems to be doing OK.

Benjamin Vogt said...

Sue--I'm hoping to save seeds, luckily these flowers are out front where all the trees are young. This was my best photo day ever, I feel. Like when I write an essay or poem and it just works, you know?