Monday, January 9, 2012

Macro Orcam

I recently did two things against advice I received: 1) bought a 15x 70mm binoculars and 2) at Christmas asked for and received a 25mm Canon SLR lens tube extender. I'm pleased with both, since I can now see birds much further away (and into neighbor's windows) with the former, and the latter produces such images as the below (click on to expand):

Marble in garden gate

River Birch

Copper bird feeder

Invasive rush
I do need to take these macro shots with a tripod, even on a still day--the images would be crisper, and I'd be less dizzy. I suspect a macro lens would require less fine tuning and hand holding--I'm still trying to figure out aperture and f-stops--but I'm having a good time, especially as it's in the 50s.


scottweberpdx said...

Very cool shots! I've often considered getting an similarly, can never decide between it and a macro lens. Looks fun, though, I hope you post more pics using it.

Donna@Gardens Eye View said...

Wow I love the shots...eventually I'll get a "real" camera...

Julie Stone said...

I also received some nice lenses for my camera, a macro and a 30mm f1.8, and some imaging software. I hope to someday have the skill and eye to get the most out of them. I tend to be lazy about using the tripod, nature moments are usually so fleeting, I'm afraid to take the time to set it up, but I guess I'll have to do it to really get the best shots. Good luck with yours!

Benjamin Vogt said...

Scott--Supposed to be 60 today before bottom drops out, so may get outside one more time! The tube is way cheaper. Of course, the only thing you can take with it are macro shots. Does a lens work like that only, too?
Donna--Even the point and shoots are getting more real. I love my midrange Canon Rebel, and still know so little about it two years later.
Julie--I'm jealous! But I do hate photo manipulation beyond cropping--maybe it's all the similar Etsy photos I see. No originality. I havent used the tripod yet for shots, but inspiration is fleeinting, like insects and light.

Gaia Gardener: said...

I love your macro shots!

My favorite lens is a zoom: 18-200mm because I can go from macro to landscape, depending on what momentary inspiration strikes. At the macro end of things, the depth of field is still fairly deep, so I don't get that wonderful softening out of the background that seems to come with true macro lenses, but it generally works for the type of photography I'm trying to do.

I know I should use a tripod to get the crispest shots, especially at full zoom, but it seems so cumbersome that I never use it.

Benjamin Vogt said...

Gaia--That sounds like a good lens. I'm constantly taking on and putting off lenses in the growing season. In winter, I usually just leave on my 100-300mm since I shoot inside where it's warm. I'd love to see how much better a true macro lens is, but I have to eat.

Lea's Menagerie said...

Oh wow! Great!
The ability to get macro shots really gives a person a new view of life, doesn't it!