Thursday, June 21, 2012

After a Rain

Finally rained last week--3 inches--after well over a month of no rain at all. I took a morning stroll to bare witness to the fact that it did, yes yes yes, it did indeed rain.

An early sunflower decided to bloom well before full height. This is happening a lot this year with all kinds of flowers.

Baptisia seed pod

Aster yellows disease on coneflower

Drops on an iris leaf


Desert Dweller said...

Nice to see water, even if I have to do it through other people! Glad for your rain and the rejuvenation it must be bringing you and garden.

Donna@Gardens Eye View said...

Wonderful to see you received rain and your photos are gorgeous.

Corner Gardener Sue said...

Yes, it was nice to get that rain. It rained again a couple days ago. It's been hot today.

Karen - An Artists Garden said...

I wish I could parcel up our rain and send it to you, there is more than enough to go around this year.
Stunning images.

Benjamin Vogt said...

Karen, send some cool weather too! I'm combusting!

Jan said...

Your 'aster yellows' looks very mild in comparison to mine this year. I am about to pull up at least 4, maybe 5 of my treasured echinacea. I think I'll write a blog post about it and show the horrible carnage. It's so disappointing to have to get rid of them! So it's hot where you are now too, I guess. About 100 here and will continue on a little longer. 'Yuck' is about all I can say about that!

Benjamin Vogt said...

Jan--Oh, I have worse examples. One coneflower bloom look like an exploding hedgehog melting in a microwave. And these on my two favorite coneflower because they get so tall. Stinks. It's muggy and hot here, forecast for upper 90s as far as the folks can guess. I've lived here in 9 years and it's never been so hot so early. Time to lose some plants.