Saturday, September 29, 2012

Take My Hostas and Anemone

The Deep Middle's front garden is getting a total redo, because when Mr. Deep started it 5 years yonder back he had no idea what he was doing, now he does.

Please come take my hostas before the compost pile does. Take divisions of my anemone, too. Monarda as well, a purple / magenta job. You have a few days, maybe a week. Message me asap.

Mr. Deep will be building a bench and sitting area in the shade, and creating a super mini mixed grass prairie in half sun. All for $100. (His wife isn't holding her breath but he promises to grow his own plants from seed this winter.)

Big blue something. Bench goes here.
Cream-splotched something.
Actually a very yellow lime something.
You can tell that hostas aren't very drought tolerant, not this year, and even a little bit of sun scorches them (I think hostas are vampires, therefore the perfect Halloween season plant for you!). They should never have gone in these places, and they have little wildlife value. So as I continue to sell them to you... uh... just please come take them, I'll divide for you if you supply the bucket or bag.


Dawn said...

I hope to do the same with my hostas! I want to replace them with something with wildlife value! Just need a strong back to help with the digging! Good luck w/ your plans!

Lucy Corrander Now in Halifax! said...

Am I right in thinking you don't have slugs?

Give a slug a hosta here and it's demolished in a night. You wouldn't have any trouble getting rid of them - it's keeping them that's the challenge.

Benjamin Vogt said...

Dawn--Amen, sister. Now if I only had my own mulch.
Lucy--I think I once saw a small snail a few years back when it rained.... :)

Martha said...

Sadly I can't find any natives or beneficial plants that will survive/thrive in the same way in the shady bed outside the back door.

Any advice?

Benjamin Vogt said...

Martha, where are you again?

sensiblegardening said...

Yes those hostas have seen better days. In the right spot they are fabulous as long as the get lots of good drinks. In my semi arid garden they do not survive.