Friday, June 14, 2013

Garden Tour 2013

Last weekend my garden was open for the Garden Club of Lincoln Tour. A great time for sure, but practically nothing was blooming -- late July and late September are peak bloom times for me, so I'd like to find a way to establish a fall garden tour here in Lincoln. If anyone has ideas or connections, hit me up, because the blooms and foliage are dazzling in September and October (even November some years).

One of the best comments I received / remembered (there were around 200 people who came through, maybe more from 9-1) was that my garden was the only one they actually learned from, instead of just seeing pretty flowers. Yes! Some day I'll have a half to full acre learning garden. Some day. We'll host talks and events and films and parties and workshops.

Potted up 60 seedlings from containers I winter sowed last fall with native seed from my garden. Sold every one of them! I want a nursery! (As part of a diversified source of income.)

For 10 minutes we had to take cover from the rain, but this gave folks a chance to see the rain chain in action -- so many had never heard of one and loved it, and this helped me explain the dry creek bed that meanders a bit out into the garden.

He was not happy about who was on which side of the glass.

Before the tour I took a moment to sleep / dream about bigger things. I still have the banner up on the porch -- maybe it's solipsistic, but I love looking up and seeing it as I walk the beds. The garden is the mascot of hope and faith, the echo of passion, the manifestation of purpose.


Donna@Gardens Eye View said...

Congrats on a job well done...I wonder if in the future with your nursery and teaching garden you will sponsor a native plant garden tour....hmmmm!

Samantha said...

Great garden tour.. Congratulations!