Tuesday, May 26, 2015

State of the Main Garden in Pics

A cavalcade of images. I've been spending more time out back lately (school is over) before the chiggers get bad in a few weeks and make it less fun to garden for two months -- well, chiggers and the heat. I've been having to do catch up weeding this spring -- I haven't weeded much in 2-3 years so some areas need help, like along the fence that borders the neighbor's 3 acres (land which, heartbreakingly, they just let sit and become overrun with red cedars -- no flowers at all!).

First week of May
Wettest May on record, so says the prairie smoke
Shooting stars smell great but don't last long
Amsonia is a treat to queen bumbles
I've seen several of these masses 'o' baby spiders. 
Dwarf indigo, Baptisia australis minor
A ninebark cultivar -- insects love the blooms, not the leaves
Aster vs. iris. I'm pulling for the aster!
Last week of May

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