Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Front Yard Prairie Coming In, Seeding the Back

A few images of what's been going on at the homestead this month.

No filter on this morning scene.
Black chokeberry is stunning.
August is a very yellow month.
Wild senna with bumble bee. They LOVE these flowers.
I've started tossing seed in the back lawn, trying to do it in waves and drifts.
A good year for milkweed bugs.
Back under the arbor.
Sometimes sideoats grama and rudbeckia is enough.
The front is coming in, though those shrubs are a problem.
Little bluestem is a workhorse!
Not as many monarchs this year.


Jane Baldwin said...

I have been waiting to see your front garden; thanks for posting these photos. I started a prairie garden from former lawn in NW Indiana a year ago May. It has been an adventure! I didn’t expect the enormous biomass of weeds (I know, I should have planted more thickly), nor the wheat I grew thanks, I think, to straw I used as mulch. But I have seem many different bees, butterflies, and other creatures enjoying the milkweed, liatris, monarda, and, especially, the hyssop. Thank you for your motivating writings.

Brian T said...


Your front yard grasses have come along well since your earlier photos.

The Senna has such presence. And it's great when insects, like the milkweed bugs, become part of the display.

Benjamin Vogt said...

Jane -- I should plant more thickly, too, which is surprising because I thought I was!
Brian -- I am finding with the senna that it needs full open sun to stand up straighter. And it might even benefit from a late spring trim to keep it stouter -- it gets top heavy in a richer garden environment.