Tuesday, September 15, 2015

On Autumn's Doorstep

My favorite season is almost here! Right now I think the garden is at its ugliest, even though it's filled with pollinators and asters and goldenrod and ironweed and coreopsis and sunflower and bluestem and liatris and.... Soon the winter brown will be here, and with it a mythic garden season filled with negative space and metaphor.

Monarch, goldenrod, agastache foeniculum, smooth aster
Soon oranges, rusts, tans, yellows, & blacks will permeate
New England aster near sunset
Black swallowtail
Art frames life
Name that bee
Boltonia and switchgrass
Had 7-8 monarchs gorging on stiff goldenrod
Smooth aster and switchgrass
Water and sunset
Coneflowers look good at any stage
Smooth aster and palm sedge
Invasive chinese mantis mating w/ monarch lunch
Can't wait to see Carex eburnea to fill in
Thought this coneflower, calico aster, zigzag goldenrod combo looked nice
A good spider year, even as the orb weaver webs have vanished
New England Aster
Blue mistflower and sedum


Kathy said...

Oh no, its beautiful!

Chris said...

My favorite season as well. Beautiful pictures.