Sunday, November 15, 2015

Looking for Land

This 80 acres of soybean / corn rotation is looking to be a prairie, nursery, and arts residency. Wouldn't it look fabulous in bluestem and monarda?


Diana Studer said...

you've found your patch??

Benjamin Vogt said...

No, not yet. Though this one was maybe the closet (none will be perfect) -- but land still remains overpriced. Looking into more loan options; I think we're getting closer by the day and it can be done if we live off soup. :)

Anonymous said...

Have you considered locating next to a watershed? Wildlife of all kinds live around watersheds. I currently live next to a protected creek in a crowded suburbia and my yard is teeming with wildlife, from turkeys to foxes to owls to flying squirrels along with many species of birds. Of course the pollinators are abundant. I'm looking to move and always scout the local wildlife. Outside of a few hundred feet from the water and the wildlife plummets. I'd also use a flight radar app to make sure you are not in a flight path of planes taking off. They're noisy before they reach altitude and may not be attractive to guests.