Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Nature is Not a Garden. Or is it.

Why don't you read my latest Houzz piece:

"Nature is not a garden, but it’s too easy to see nature as something imperfect. When we can take a step back and see a fallen tree as beautiful and purposeful or appreciate an assassin bug enjoying its moth dinner, we can see that the world doesn’t seem to need us in it, and we can start to become a more humble and rewarding part of it. A garden can teach us how to interact with life and guide us into deeper self-discovery if we design with purpose, then let that design evolve with the species that come to call it home."

Link to the full article here.


Diana Studer said...

enjoyed the conversation and support on your Houzz post

Leigh said...

Enjoyed the article -- especially the end about learning to see "imperfection" for its own beauty and wisdom.

Benjamin Vogt said...

D and L -- Thanks for saying so. It was so oddly wonderful to see that stream of comments develop. Imperfection IS beauty, it's a deeper beauty, and more pretty than the pretty we pine for. :)