Thursday, July 21, 2016

A Birthday Garden

I turned 40 last week. My garden turned 9. Together we are either -31 or 409. Here's my annual look at the birthday landscape, though with less fanfare than usual. Because I'm old now.

The main back garden is the oldest

Always plenty of coneflowers -- a big draw

A pollen bath!

Cup plant has yet to be aggressive in my clay

Culver's root near sunset

An inchworm disguised as Rudbeckia

The front gardens are slowly coming on -- less lawn!

Everything about wild senna floors me

2,000' of new garden sown / planted directly into the lawn last fall


Lisa Rainsong said...

What a gorgeous birthday celebration! Your Culver's Root looks like a collection of candelabras! Wishing you a rewarding, creative year ahead, and at 62, I have to tell you that 40 is not old.

Diana Studer said...

from my 61, you are the younger generation.
The garden is enchanting!!