Thursday, October 13, 2016

Autumn Images

Several photographs from the three main gardens at home base, more of which I share liberally on Instagram.

I add some corten steel to the new back meadow. Love it.

Late September

Switchgrass is a rainbow of flavor.

Last sulphur migrating through on aromatic aster.

Wild senna seed pods need a shave

Sunset in the main garden. Ho hum.

My 15 year old Manx buddy.

Coneflowers in the front, de-lawned yard.


Anonymous said...

Your garden looks full of life, color, and at the same time, stillness. Beautiful! Meaningful. Important.

Diana Studer said...

yay for all the Life and Interest in your front yard
among that daunting green desert.

Benjamin Vogt said...

Xericstyle -- Hopefully it is important, and, well, meaningful for species beyond my own. :)
DS -- Yes, a desert of lawn! I keynoted a conference this weekend and folks thanked me for being brave with the front garden.

Arpit said...

Aapka Post bahut achha laga