Thursday, January 26, 2017

Quoting A New Garden Ethic

From chapter 5 of my forthcoming garden / nature / philosophy book:

"Native plants are the tip of a much larger iceberg. The conversation goes well beyond what is native and why or how gardens work. The very fact that we keep having this conversation in writing and seminars and podcasts, and that it makes some in horticulture uncomfortable, is evidence that we need to be having even larger conversations about why we garden and who we garden for, and what it means in a time of climate change and mass extinction. Our culture needs to be confronted in as many ways as possible for the sake of future human and non human species."

And how about a picture from our ice storm this month -- because it won't snow this winter. More are at Instagram


Brian T said...


I'm looking forward to the publication of your book!

Nice photo of how the remains of last season's growth has a constantly changing second life interacting with winter weather.

Benjamin Vogt said...

I turn it in next week. Gah!

Unknown said...

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Kate said...

What I didn't know is that that perennials affect the amount of food production! It's amazing because I always try to have balance between what I grow. It's sure that they require less work - so if you don't have so much free time I highly recommend them. As you listed, herbs are amazing. My favourite is basil, especially this mix: which includes many various kinds. So don't be afraid and grow perennials!