Monday, May 22, 2017

The Garden Needs Your Help

Two weeks ago I heard a calling from under the ceder trees. I swear, local cats must put hobo signs on our fence. There he was, a scrawny kitten about 4 months old, meowing his head off. Of course I befriended him. He'll sleep on my lap purring for as long as I can hold still (current record 45 minutes), follow me around to check on plants, and he loves chasing sticks and eating grass. I'm not sure he often leaves our garden as he's always there when I go out. He is extremely docile and not yet a hunter or fully adapted to outdoor life, so I'd like to find him a good home before he decimates birds or becomes feral.

Our older cats -- 13 and 16 -- can't embrace his energy (which isn't really all that much). And we already adopted a young stray in 2015. We'll pay for a vet checkup and half the neutering if you are ready to fall in love. And it won't take long to fall in love. Seeing him leave will be highly emotional, but if it's to a fantastic home it will sting less. Email if interested.


Aesthetic Flora said...

Oh Ben, if only I him already but a trip to Australia us not on sadly.

Benjamin Vogt said...

We found him a home! And we cried when he left! But he seems happy so far. :)

Diana Studer said...

Thank you