Monday, September 17, 2007

Spiders and Allium

So, should I have not been this close to exhibit A? Anyone know what it is? I used to be afraid
of those big yellow and black garden spiders with the lightening bolt web design (which confuses its prey I hear), but they're harmless. Is this? It's right by the gate.

And in other news it's White Flower Farm bulb time; I'm a bulb virgin, and indeed a WFF virgin. I hope my first time is... oh for pete's sake just stop it. How old are you anyway?

Nuit Blanche tulip mix (I usually despise over-happy tulips in early spring when it's still too darn cold out anyway, but this combo of almost black and then white seemed intriguing--as in their colors more closey fit the mood of late killing freezes (after stuff's growing) that we've had here the last few years)
Allium caeruleum (blue!)
Allium spaerocephalon
Allium moly
Allium globemaster (always wanted this beast)
Crocus speciosus (gotta have something blooming in fall)


James said...

The writing spider you describe is a black and yellow argiope. One of my favorites. I lived out in the middle of nowhere NC in a squat house that for two summers had essentially a colony of argiopes installed on the front porch. A bit scary. A bit very cool.

Benjamin Vogt said...

Thanks James. You're my bug authority from now on.