Thursday, September 27, 2007

White Flower Farm

I've heard of them. I'd seen their products in other gardens. But I've nevered ordered, until now.

I am going to be naturally suspicious of shipping live plants via UPS or any other carrier. But my Baptisia Prairieblues (blue always means purple you know, so I say wtf to the gardening industry) came with perfect, I mean perfect leaves. This plant looked like it had been loved like the last plant on the whole wide earth. And I got lots of bulbs I assume are viable, but they weren't green like this baptisia. My lovely s.o. (s?) bought a baptisia a few months ago--not knowing anything about them. She's charming like that. I did some research trying to figure out what it liked and what it did in the ground, and am excited about their blue-tinted leaves, these racket-making black seed pods in fall, their 4-5' height....

Anyway, go buy something at White Flower. (maybe they knew this was a test order.)


Renee Beaulieu said...

Baptisias take some time to fill out, but they're worth the wait. Unfortunately, they don't like transplanting much, so it's best to try to pick the perfect spot for it the first time. I know I've wished my perennials came with wheels since I move them so much, but baptisia is one exception. Glad to hear your test order came through well. I worked at White Flower Farm for 8 years, and the growers and packers really did take pride in their work.

Benjamin Vogt said...

Hey, thanks for reading. My mother always ordered stuff, but I was still impressed. (she never planted her stuff as soon as I do, though.)

How long do they take to establish? 3-4 Years? I have to bepatient? Argh. Gardening is good for you: tries / trains the body, soul, and mind.

I some baptisia on the UNL campus this evening, and those were VERY established.