Wednesday, September 19, 2007


My yard received 2" of rain recently. This is too much. It rained, hardly thundered. Things are inundated. Mulch has floated away.

The point is, I am not happy right now. In order to assuage this unhappiness (due to apathy toward my book writing and learning and student grading) I've decided to make fun of the annoying weather person on a certain local news channel (ABC 8, Lincoln, NE).

This woman says THUNDERSHTORMS. Drives me freaking INSANE. It's not because I speak so well myself, but if you speak to thousands, tens of thousands of people at one time, you better pronounce key terminology correctly. She also chokes frequently on her own words, so hurried she is to say that today was 75 and tomorrow should be warmer. She just ain't natural, and it hurts me to watch.

But I do. Because I have to pick at something and I'm out of snot and zits and moles and scabs.

In other news, ever lose your plant i.d. cards on the car ride home? Why not try this: They don't have everything down, and it is mostly the common-er stuff, but for this newer gardener they've helped on a few things. Of course I still have to look at 10 other websites to build a general consensus (turns out my lobelia do love water, oh sure, but not in the winter. GREAT. I ain't moving them. We'll see what happens. Curses. Curses.). I hate that weather person. ThunderSHtorms. Sheesh.

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