Tuesday, October 9, 2007


Thousands of them as I planted allium and tulip bulbs. They came in waves--one lasted at least 30 seconds if not a full minute. As far as the eye could see coming form the south. Birds. Sparrows? Starlings? This lasted for about half an hour. (Pictures are crap, sorry.)

That was last night. Tonight, sitting on the porch riding the day down to near dark, in the crisp autumn evening, a sudden washing sound from the sky. Then the calls. Six geese flew super low over the yard heading southwest. I could hear them flying. 50 feet up maybe, no more. I just sat there and said "Ohhhhhh." I really did this. Out loud. Brought me back to my first autumn in Minnesota, 1986, the year of the big move from Oklahoma. Nature never seemed so in my face as it did in MN. So, maybe without that move north, I wouldn't be sitting here now appreciating it, or being sentimental or romantic about it.

Other sightings include a Blue Jay at lunch yesterday (big suckers), and a cardinal this evening at dusk on the feeder (loud suckers). FYI.

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