Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Garden -- End of Year One (3 Months)

Below you'll find pics of the, what, 1/3 or 1/4 finished garden. All I could do in three months of heat. To the right you'll find a permanent link to plants that were alive as of Saturday 10/27, seeing as on Sunday morning the temp was 26; plants that bought it were rose of sharon, the resurgent japanese maple, the shrub rose, beebalm, dogwood, and some others. Still have lots of dianthus and butterly bush blooms, even have the agastache still going (strange, cuz I'm pushing it with that one zone wise). So, many pics not from the same day....

Here we are just inside the gate. Then looking back toward it with a japanese maple (bloodgood I think, who knows), an isanti dogwood in front of the copper trellis, a variegated miscanthus behind, a fineline buckthorn, and a spiraea ogon which will be moved come spring. There's also a ninebark coppertina behind the hoses. Indeed, I'm going for a bushy look to propel a person forward (perhaps through a birth canal of foliage).

You've got a clump river birch to the left of the arbor, and beside it another isanti dogwood. Please note the plastic pink birds were attemptig to hold up a cardinal flower in strong southerly winds.

Along the back deck a line of butterfly bushes: nanho blue, white, royal red (thank goodness they aren't really blue and red or I'd be gaudily patriotic). Along the shorter side of the deck are amsoni hubrichtii blue star.
There's a view from the patio looking out. A view of the back corner over some maiden grass. A fruit on the seedless buckthorn, a close up of the dwarf arctic blue willow that sits beside the arbor, one of the many air force reserve tanker planes that land at the airport nearby, and a cold sunset. I'd put these descriptions next to the respective image, but blogger will NOT let me insert text nicely. I am really getting annoyed with the editing features of blogger.


Katie said...

I can't wait to see everything grow in! You've obviously done a ton of work -- I'm jealous of your huge yard!

Anonymous said...

Gee, Benjamin, that's *all* you did in three months? At this rate, that remaining turf is not long for this world. Have you considered taking up seed-starting as a new hobby? Or perhaps direct-depositing part of your paycheck at your favorite local nursery?

Benjamin Vogt said...

Katie--it's not THAT big of a yard, not even 1/4 acre! I've not done all the work, though, my wife helped a lot getting the mulch down and the steppers in. It has been a lot of work, but I felt better after doing it and will miss the exercise.
Nan--a direct deposit to the nurseries is a good idea. I was kinda expecting special treatment after spending so much money, and apppearing so often, but no. I've thought a little about seed starting.... And the sod stays--have to think resale value and when I play catch with myself.

Rosemarie said...

You have a lot of plants, I'll be interested in seeing this all next year to see how they've grown in. It looks good so far -- I love the stepping stones, it's really important to be able to walk through the garden.