Sunday, October 14, 2007

C02 = Love

Check out the video at Ellis Hollow, provided to you by the whackjobs at the Competitive Enterprise Institute; I'd never actually heard of them, but looking at their website for 30 minutes makes me wonder if it's still an acceptable practice to drill holes in other people's skulls to let the demons out. True, trees need CO2, but if there's so much it creates a warming trend moving 30 miles faster north per decade than forests move (read Bill McKibbon's End of Nature), it seems a lot of CO2 ain't so good. Pine won't be in NE too much longer.

And I love people like this, who MAYBE have somewhat of a legitimate gripe over how global warming is presented to the public--I'd say it isn't done with enough emotional resonance in marriage with cold hard fact (this is why Gore is not a perfect GW figurehead)--but who nonetheless refuse to take any blame for the fact that humans are trashing the planet left and right in many ways, and care only for themselves even if it's at the cost of themselves.

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