Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Allium in November?

I knew the ground was too warm when I planted 150 bulbs a month ago. I have early summer allium coming up. I hope this doesn't hurt them, I really have no idea, never planted bulbs before. I'd assume it's fine, and with lows in the 20s now it has to be. Maybe I'll go stuff their pointy spikes back down and give my garden an inny.

All my annuals should have bought it last night, and the last of the coreopsis and dianthus blooms should have shriveled. A good run though this late in to fall (if I'd had a garden the whole year--though most others didn't anyway with the late April freezes).

I missed the Nonfiction Now conference at Iowa this past weekend, but heard it was good. It only happens every two years, so hopefully I can hit the third one in 2009. I'd love too. Also heard the cnf job market is begging for qualified candidates--too bad I'm still a year or more out (which is good, cuz I ain't qualified yet either).

Any good dinner ideas? It's my turn to cook this evening.


Anonymous said...

Don't worry about your alliums, Benjamin. In my experience, it's common for them (the narrow-leaved ones, anyway) to sprout in early to mid-fall.

Benjamin Vogt said...

That's a relief!