Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Christmas in July

Feels like it. On 10/31 the grocery store had green and red candy. A week ago? Trees out front.

Last week I was trying to find music on the radio--a fruitless effort I hardly try any more--and I found one of the main Lincoln stations has switched over to all day Christmas tunes. How many songs are there--ten? So, we hear 100 renditions of each.... if you ask me, Metallica and Silent Night is like merlot and Pop Tarts.

Neighbors have begun putting up lights; but these lights are the "easy" icicle lights. This may say something about the people who put up lights so early, and who will undoubtedly leave them up until the ivy starts yanking on them in summer.

Point is, I hate to sound old and mean, but every year winter gets pushed on us earlier and earlier. I can't feel joyful and bring any freaking tidings to anyone--school is still in session, papers come in next week, and book orders are due the day before Thanksgiving.

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