Monday, January 14, 2008

I Miss the 80s

Specifically, the music. I'm taking the day off after furious lesson planning this weekend and teaching early tomorrow (and writing a book by May), and am uploading songs to my new ipod nano (a beautiful piece of technology). Anywho, I miss music that mattered and whose lyrics meant something. Take this Genesis song, a band that had countless hits and some great videos:

Then I think about bands like The Smiths, The Police, Peter Gabriel, even Depeche Mode and lots and lots of others. Shoot, one could go back to the 60s and 70s and find some pretty sweet music there, too. I don't even listen to much pop radio anymore, preferring classical and NPR talk. Is that me getting older, disenfranchised, or both? If I were 18, would I think 80s music was the oldies but goodies station? Something my dad listened too?

All I got to say is I'd rather listen to music with meaningful lyrics AND good / original rhythm than songs that employ these lyrics I just made up:

I want to brush against you baby
feel the lumps the humps the bumps
ohhhh you know you like it skanky lady
when I give you permission to #$@%

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Something my dad listened too?