Sunday, January 20, 2008

Labdien, Latvia!

Everyone, welcome Latvia to my blog, courtesy of sitemeter.

The search phrase? Anyone? Even a tiny guess??

Atom lioness sucks.

Couldn't agree more, Latvia! Exactly how I feel about double decker coneflowers. (Could it be any more obvious how awful plant engineering has become? 90% of the newer coneflowers, for example, are monstrosities.)


Anonymous said...


Not only do those double decker coneflowers represent pure ugliness thanks to the world of plant engineering, but what does their creation say about the audacity and hubris of humankind? And do we really want to see these mutant infiltrating native meadows?

Benjamin Vogt said...

No, we do not want to see them in native meadows! What scares me is people seem to eat these types of plants up--but hopefully I'm wrong, seeing as I don't work in the nursery business. I wonder if some of these varities are at least sterile? If we clone humans, hopefuly THEY will at least be sterile. :)

Anonymous said...

I do think they are very interesting! Will I get any? Maybe! How about Echinacea 'Green Envy'? That one is very nice don't you think?

Benjamin Vogt said...

Ok, Layanee, I think we might have a serious disagreement here. :)

Actually, when Green Envy first came out, I was nearly sick, but actually have turned around on that one. I want my coneflower to LOOK like a coneflower (and it does), not to become some froo froo frankenstein (like Double Decker and the others). I might actually buy just one GE to see what I think of it in person.

Anonymous said...


I knew that comment would 'get' you! LOL There is room for discussion here! Now that I know you are considering a GE one I feel a bit better. I could never look the other way on the new exotics. There will be good and there will be bad points but humans need to experiment and better on plants than...well, humans!