Saturday, December 1, 2007

Ice Ice Baby

1/4" of ice on everything. Watch yer step. Up in Minnesota the folks are getting 10" of snow, lucky dogs. Me? I get to pray that the 30mph wind gusts and rain this afternoon do not rip apart my fragile new trees and shrubs. I bet you've never ever seen ice on plants before.... I like to blow up the pictures and see the subtle texture. Like on the arbor you can see how the rain flowed and froze.

And on the maple tips the cracked joints with spring buds enclosed (hope cemented?).

And on the cypress the encased leaves.

The fall onion has blooms still holding on.

Little bluestem grass seems lovely, the orange with a dignified silver hue.

As did the crab tree trunk.

I also thought the neighbor's cedar field looked interesting.

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